This page has been set up to provide information and resources to support  students attending school during the pandemic. They are also suitable to use with students studying at home.

 Health Protection - Infection Protection flowchart

Covid -19 HPT presentation in educational Settings

Editable format of presentation

Unlocking Commonweal

Swindon its up to us leaflets

Swindon its up to us posters

Swindon its up to us scree savers

Swindon its up to us social media

Swindon It's Up to Us - Blank Poster


Managing the transition back to school

special assembly,  Speak Out Stay Safe

Keep them  safe on line.

Jigsaw, building resilliance in children

Ideas to stay safe on line, Wiltshire Police newsletter

Support for, bereaved children

Barnado's - See, Hear, Respond

DFE resource, teach mental health

PSHE guidance, guidance on teaching mental health

Home learning lesson pack,  Primary and Secondary

Guide for parents and carers educating children at home

Chameleon PDE, who have offered free resources ’Life after lockdown’

Why our eating habits have been forced to changed over lockdown -  Food Fact

Support home learning FFL Classroom

Change4life tips for families over the summer eating healthier snacks,

Getting out and doing exercise,

Summer holiday  guidance for families