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Healthy Schools Status

Q: How long is my Healthy Schools Status valid?

A: The Bronze level audit is valid for three years.

Q: I have completed the Annual Review audit  what happens now?

A: The Healthy Schools manager will review the audit and highlight the areas on the audit that are working well and provide support in areas that need further developing. Once both party's are satisfied with the result as a baseline, the Bronze level  certificate will be emailed to the School.

Q: The date on my Healthy Schools plaque says 2010/11.  Can this be updated?

A. Plaques are now only given for the Silver and Gold award. However if your plaque is out of date, it means your audit needs to be reviewed as it is more than three years old. Get in touch with the Healthy Schools Manager to guide you with renewing the status.

Q: How soon can I opt to complete the Silver or Gold award?

A. Once the Bronze award has been achieved and all levels of the audit have been completed at a 'good' or 'outstanding' level, schools can start working on a public health project, such as; reducing obesity in young children or improving mental health, impact of positive relationships etc. As soon as the results and evidence showing impact of this whole school and targeted intervention are submitted, the reward will be reviewed. The Silver and Gold plaques are presented to schools at the annual schools excellence celebration event.

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