2020 Blog

Date: 6 Jan 2020

Blog for 2020

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and a happier decade!

Welcome back hope you had a great Christmas and a relaxing break.

A new year and new beginnings, it certainly is when it comes to PSHE and the new Ofsted Framework.

PSHE needs an emphasis on personal development and it being the focus of deep dives in recent inspections, it is evident that PSHE plays a key role in the new Ofsted Framework.

This new framework looks at the need for high quality provision through a broad and rich curriculum, which focuses on personal development. The aim being to support the future success of all individuals, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. I believe having a comprehensive and thoroughly planned PSHE programme will meet this need and I can confidentially say most Swindon Schools started preparation for this last year.

The key to gaining an Ofsted outstanding is by having consistent, effective and regular timetabled PSHE lessons, a clear framework which meets the needs of pupils who do not receive a rich set of experiences. Schools will not be judged on the results of personal development in the lives of students but the effectiveness and quality of provision in place to address the issues. Therefore, it is essential teachers delivering PSHE are trained in delivering the curriculum confidently and tailored to meet their pupils needs.

Just a few little tips to consider when developing your PSHE curriculum:

If your programme can help your pupils to become resilient, confident and independent, then you have attributed to developing an outstanding, strong and cohesive curriculum to support your pupils.

What else is in store for you in 2020? – A lot of FREE training!

e-Bug training in February, have you booked a place for your school?  e-Bug is a free educational resource that makes learning about microbes, the spread, treatment and prevention of infection fun and accessible for all. e-Bug have resources for early years, schools and communities. We are offering this training to all Swindon Primary Schools on 25th February. I don’t yet have a venue so if you would like to host please get in touch – Swindonhealthyschools@swindon.gov.uk

We will also be running a Mental Health Conference for all schools on 1st April, so please save the date. Venue is yet to be confirmed. Our aim is to get all the mental health services available to schools in one room, so you can talk to the providers and choose which service suits the needs of your school. By the end of the day we would like you to walk away with your own personalised mental health support programme for your school.

Is your Healthy Schools status still valid? We will be sending an email out to all schools who need to renew their status and those of you who have still not achieved the status, please take advantage of the support we provide.

On a final note, calling all Secondary Schools. If you have not yet booked your Year 7 Smoking Prevalence Workshop, PLEASE do so by the end of this week. The Schedule shows the available slots Also can you ensure the Year 11 survey is sent to the pupils, it takes 10minutes to complete. Deadline to complete this is Friday 7th February 2020

To finish this blog I hope the start of the new academic term is a good one and as always I will say, let us know if you need support and please share your best practice so we can share it across Swindon.