2021's First Blog

Date: 19 Jan 2021

First Blog of this Year.

Wishing You All a Happy 2021 and here’s to a healthy and positive New Year.

Admittedly, as I write this I feel embarrassed sending New Year’s greeting in the middle of January, but the day jobs of all the Public Health Team have been on hold, as we have been swamped with Covid support for all sectors across Swindon, including on Christmas Day.

We hope you managed to get a restful break over Christmas. Although I’m sure, the Christmas break seems a distant memory to you too with all the changes that have taken place over the last few week. With an increase in cases we are living through another national lockdown. This we know is tough for school staff. We salute you, your colleagues and the Senior Leaders endurance! The way in which schools have managed to provide support to young people and their families across the town has been exceptional .A big well done to you all!

There is positive news is on the horizon, we have a Covid-19 vaccine and their is availability of rapid testing in schools, with case rates starting to fall in Swindon hopefully this will bring some stability for us all.   

Health and wellbeing of School staff is an absolute priority to us and we want to support in every way we can. So please feel free to contact us. We regularly update our resources and support material for both staff and pupils on the Healthy Schools Website, feel free to down load any resources that will help you.

On another note one of our PH trainee consultant's is collating information for some research on Violence Prevention. He has put together a survey to explore professionals views on violence prevention, the analysis of the survey will help collate a future violence prevention strategy within the borough. Please can you give 10minutes of your valuable time to complete this survey?

We look forward to getting back to our regular communication, in the meantime if you require any information or guidance please get in touch.