A New Normal

Date: 26 Jun 2020

A New Normal

When we start thinking about writing the next blog, it’s usually quite easy because all we need to do is work through our list of key topics. However with the current and ‘new’ situation we are experiencing, there is so much to share with you. It’s really difficult to prioritise which information we hold back and which we share.

As we believe everyone’s mental health is important, we’ve started with health and wellbeing. We introduced the staff wellbeing page on the healthy schools website, because it is important to help ourselves before we can help others. Positive school staff means positive working environment, positive outcomes, positive learning and positive pupil attainment.

If students cannot get the support they need, where does that leave staff? More than ever, there is a need for staff and students alike to feel more resilient and better able to cope with pressure.

This week, we’ll share some government guidance which you can share with parents /carers to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing. The information in this guidance starts with looking after your own mental health, leading on to some key topics like; how children and young people of different ages react to stress, support for children and young people who are accessing mental health services, have autism, learning disabilities, experience eating disorders, bullying, grief or bereavement and where help can be accessed. Another good document that you may want to share with parents /carers is this guidance on how to keep children safe online, which looks at online risks and how to get support and advice.

We are working in partnership with Swindon Education Psychologists and holding a webinar session on the following dates; Mon 6th July, 1-2.30, Tues 7th July, 10-11.30, Wed 8th July, 1-2.30, Thus 9th July, 10-11.30. If you would like to join these sessions please email swindonhealthyschools@swindon.gov.uk to book a place.

Another important topic that needs to be discussed is the RSHE curriculum which becomes compulsory from September 2020. DFE have expressed that due to the Covid19 situation if schools are not fully prepared for delivery of the statutory guidance by September 2020 they have until the start of the 2021 summer term. As we all know Ofsted inspections are on hold for a while but when they do come out to play again they will be considering the provision of RSHE as part of the wider judgement.  We are aware that Swindon schools have been preparing for the new curriculum over the last two years, but if you need to check you have the right content, here are some useful links: The new RSHE curriculum,   Engaging parents with RSHE policy,   RSHE guide for parents, Support for schools to teach online safety.

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Chameleon PDE, who have offered free resources ’Life after lockdown’ now they are offering free training to support schools with preparing for statutory status. Sign up or login to gain access.