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Date: 24 Jun 2021

We hope all is steady and becoming ‘normal’ as can be, for you at school. We are starting to see Covid case rates rise again across the country, particularly in the younger age groups, but that is expected as they still haven’t been vaccinated and are the most socially active group. On a positive note we are seeing that serious cases and hospital admissions are low, so evidence shows that the vaccine is protecting us all. However, as the new variants mutate we must not become complacent and stop adhering to safety measures in place.

On a work note, this week we wanted to share resources that are not just suitable materials for the classroom, but provide you with some knowledge, updates and training too.

The first article is a book written by Dr John Coleman - The Teacher and the Teenage Brain offers a fascinating introduction to teenage brain development, and shows how this knowledge has changed the way we understand young people.  It provides a critical insight into strategies for improving relationships in the classroom and helping both adults and teenagers cope better with this stage of life.

Dr John Coleman shows how teachers and students can contribute to healthy brain development.  The book includes information about memory and learning, as well as guidance on motivation and the management of stress.  Underpinned by his extensive work with schools, Dr Coleman offers advice on key topics including the importance of sleep, the social brain, moodiness, risk and risk-taking and the role of hormones.  This book is extensively illustrated with examples from classrooms and with interviews with teachers.  It explicitly links research and practice to create a comprehensive, accessible guide to new knowledge about teenage brain development and its importance for education.

Accompanied by a website providing resources for running workshops with teachers and parents, as well as an outline of a lesson plan for students, The Teacher and the Teenage Brain offers an innovative approach to the understanding of the teenage brain. This book represents an important contribution to teacher training and to the enhancement of learning in the classroom. This blog by Dr Coleman is a good insight into how and why this book is relevant for all those closely linked to teenagers.

The next is training opportunity for you, the PSHE Association are offering some twilight CPD courses. The online courses run from 4 – 5.15pm and led by members of the association’s subject specialists. Book here for the following courses:

Effective Drug and Alcohol education
KS1-2: 30/06
Learn how to plan safe and effective drug and alcohol lessons. This course will support leads in developing or updating schemes of work, implementing statutory Health Education, and will help develop their own practice.
Planning your PSHE curriculum (primary & secondary)
KS1-2:12/07; KS3-4:06/07
This course will help to develop a long term PSHE education curriculum plan and bespoke to the needs of your school community. This session supports PSHE leads to: develop a curriculum map; develop age-appropriate learning outcomes; adapt resources; and design engaging lesson activities.

Ready, Steady, RSHE (primary & secondary)
KS1-2: 13/07; KS3-4: 05/07
Suitable for those responsible for implementing statutory Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education in their school, this course covers: the latest implementation advice and information; practical guidance on preparing your policy, updating your curriculum and engaging with parents; and key considerations for adapting RSHE planning and delivery in response to the pandemic.

The Swindon Safeguarding Partnership team are also offering courses, for further information about the aims of the respective course and the target group please go to the SSP website
 Child Exploitation – 29th June 2021. For this course book here

·         Working with Neglect: 7th July 2021.

·         Honour Based Abuse, Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation: 21st July 2021.

·         Legal Training 2: Best Interests Decisions, Power of Attorney (POA), Vulnerable Adults (including Self-Neglect) & LPS: 23rd Sep 2021 0900-1300.

Click here to book a place on the above courses. Please see the attached guidance document on how to book a place.

Cancellation policy: If you are subsequently unable to attend the training, you have booked (free or paid courses) it is imperative that you cancel your booking as soon as possible or within 10 working days. If you fail to do this within the timescales you are likely to incur charges. 

This article is for young people on you STEM course or wanting to help with climate change - Aspire to Engineer, this is a creative Stem project which challenges pupils to learn about engineering and explain to others why it's important.  

This year's theme is Renewable Energy. Three of the world's leading engineers in wind turbines, battery-powered mega-ships, and solar cells have each given us an exclusive interview in which they explain their work and what excites them about engineering.

Given the brilliant solar farm in Swindon and it would be amazing to see Swindon schools sign up here for free resources which include student worksheets and short videos. 

There are great prizes including an exclusive school video calls with one of the amazing engineers featured, a travel bursary to bring pupils to the Great Exhibition Road Festival and lots of book tokens. 

Aimed at 10-14 year olds - though everyone is welcome, younger or older.

Feedback from a teacher in Bedford: "What a brilliant resource pack. So well put together. Inspiring, challenging and I really like the glossary to support all learners. I’ve just been to see my science department and we are launching to the whole school on Friday!"

The project closes in late September. It's good for this term or the start of next. Some schools are running summer courses or giving Aspire as a Holiday Challenge.

If you want or need further information on any of the topics shared here or we have not shared with you please get in touch, so we can support you.