Changes to Healthy Schools in Swindon

Date: 26 Apr 2011

Changes to Healthy Schools in Swindon

You should all have received a letter from Sara Tough (Director, Integrated Services to Children and Young People), outlining the changes to the Healthy Schools Programme.

The current Healthy Schools Team (Angela Milliken - Healthy Schools Programme Manager, Laura Holmes - Drug & Alcohol Education Adviser & Donna McDonald - Emotional Health & Well-Being Adviser)  are available to support you on any issues with the Programme.  Please note that Tom White (Food Adviser) and Gail McVicar (Sex & Relationships Education Adviser) are now in other roles and are not generally available to deliver sessions or training in schools.

The new Programme is being developed and you will be contacted soon to make suggestions and put forward ideas on how you can be supported in the future. 

In the meantime, if you have questions please contact the Healthy Schools Team on: 01793 464687.