Covid Kids - Raising Aspirations!

Date: 11 Jun 2022

What a great and unique opportunity for Swindon's Young People.

Covid has had an impact on emotional and mental wellbeing of young people.

We carried out a survey earlier in the year and learnt that Swindon's young people need a boost in confidence, be more resilient and have aspirations to aim high.

Our Raising Aspirations programme aims to do exactly that. We have commissioned Chameleon PDE to support our Primary and Secondary Schools. This is a unique opportunity available just to Swindon Schools.

We are working with local businesses, corporate organisations, local colleges and universities to host a mini careers fair at the Steam Museum. We have asked ex Swindon students who have excelled and achieved their  goals to host workshops and deliver TED talks to youngsters of all ages from across Swindon. The Mayor, local politicians, Education and Public Health leads are all in support of this event.

This is a great opportunity to encourage and boost young peoples belief in aiming and achieving high to reach their aspirational goals.