Fifth blog

Date: 16 Dec 2019

Fifth Blog

We hope you’ve had a good start to the week as you prepare for the end of term 2.

This week we have new resources and training that will support you, your students and parents.

 Interested; find full details here:

  1. Challenge misconceptions about men’s health and identify common issues
  2. Explain the importance of carrying out testicular self-examination
  3. Identify a range of strategies to support mental health and emotional wellbeing
  4. Provide factual health information on testicular cancer and guidance on self-examination
  5. Improve confidence to access health services and seek support when necessary

         The free-to-download lessons encourage students to challenge preconceptions about men’s health, both physical and mental, while providing the skills to discuss

          sensitive issues and access health services when necessary.

        This resource includes three lesson plans and PowerPoints for key stage 4 students, with supporting materials and detailed teacher guidance.

       The aim of the lessons are:      

  1. Recognise different types of relationships and their legal status.
  2. The unacceptability of forced marriage and how to seek help if they are concerned.
  3. Analyse different attitudes towards marriage and civil partnerships.
  4. Identify the different roles, responsibilities and challenges of being a parent.

On a final note, we would like to wish you all a very happy, enjoyable christmas and a relaxing break. We look forward to your return in 2020, when we have more FREE training, resources and all the usual support for you.