Free Walking Challenge Kit Information from Living Streets

Date: 2 Mar 2011

Free Walking Challenge Kit Information from Living Streets

Here at Living Streets we are offering FREE walking to school challenge kits for all secondary schools in England thanks to our Lottery funding.

Register for you kit on our website or ring me and I will register you over the phone (in 5 minutes and if it takes longer you are welcome to hang up!) and see how healthy your schools are compared to others in the rest of England when we analyze the results of the national walking to school challenge, ‘Free Your Feet.’

Okay that sounds great but what exactly is it?

- You sign your school up for a challenge kit on our website ASAP (or ring me and I will sign you up over the phone). We don’t need to know a lot of information just simple stuff including when schools want to run the challenge week (any week between April and July) and who is the member of staff at the school that will take responsibility for the challenge and resources.

- Then we ask schools to do a hands up survey of who walks to school a month before the challenge week.

- Get the students excited by using banners, posters and a DVD provided by us. (Schools can do as little or as much as you want but to all those competitive teachers out there, remember you will be compared to all other schools taking part.)

- At the start of the challenge week, hand out postcards for students to log their walking activities on for that week.

- The week after the challenge, do another hands up survey to see who is still walking and put all the postcards into a draw to pick one out at random to win a £50 high street voucher that we supply you with.

Why take part?

It’s easy - As budgets decrease and workloads increase, short, sharp interventions are a great way to help you make an impact in schools.

It works - Schools that took part last year saw walking levels increase by up to 15%, and it’s a great way to gain or maintain your sustainable, eco or healthy schools status

It's fun – Feedback showed that students enjoyed taking the challenge, which means a higher take-up and better results

It's free – So good it’s worth mentioning again!

How do I get a kit?

Schools can register by phone or through our website and take part independently, or a local authority can register the schools in their area.  In return, schools record walking levels before and after the challenge, so we can successfully measure its impact.

To get a free kit for your schools, register today at:, please register soon as we need to get resources made and only have limited amounts of funding so it will be a first come first served basis. Also I can now register you over the phone in five mins (if the call takes longer you are welcome to hang up!).

There is no catch, it is what it is, essentially we as a charity want safe, attractive enjoyable streets where people want to walk, at the same time as making walking the positive and natural choice for short journeys.

Kelly Mcpherson | Campaign Marketing Intern | Living Streets | 7-15 Pink Lane | Newcastle upon Tyne | NE1 5DW | | (0191) 245 7326

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We’re giving away free walk to school challenge kits to secondary schools. Schools and Local authorities can find out more and register here