New School Year

Date: 28 Aug 2020

New School Year!

Welcome back, we hope you managed to have some time to relax and enjoy the summer break. The end of last academic year and the start of this one has been like no other. We are aware of all the additional efforts you have made to welcome back your staff and students. We are also aware that you are all working with your parents, to assure them and alleviate them of any fears, that their child/children are better placed when in a school environment.

Throughout this pandemic we have been sharing resources and strategies to support Swindon’s young people and school staff health and wellbeing. We have now put together a document to share with you. This document captures all government guidance in one place; Support and Guidance for September 2020 School Opening. As the guidance keeps changing regularly we will update you with the new information by displaying it on a new page, on the Healthy Schools website, Covid-19 updates and is under the News heading dropdown on the home page of the site.

The Director of Public Health, Steve Maddern, has also written a letter to schools assuring parents of the safe return to school for pupils and how to continue following the basic principles to prevent the spread of the virus.

Public Health England’s, Health protection team have developed guidance in the form of flow charts and provided their contact details, to support you with process and procedures should you encounter an outbreak or incidence in your school. As we approach the winter season and to prevent confusion or disruption to education the HPT are also providing guidance to schools on: Acute Respiratory Infection management in Educational Settings 

All that remains for us to say is enjoy the long bank holiday weekend before you return to work next week and should you have any queries or questions please get in touch.