Swindons Physical Activity Framework for Schools

Date: 13 Dec 2017

Physical Activity Framework

Encouraging young people to be physically active at school can lead to greater academic and sporting aspirations. It also helps with better physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Having researched the association of being physically active and better achievement, provided the support and development of this framework for schools.

The Swindon Physical Activiy Framework provides a whole school approach to cover all aspects of physical activity, including PE and  school sports competitions, active travel and play. It can also be used to address wider challenges that face schools, such as raising attainment, improving life chances and improve behaviour.

This physical activity framework has been jointly developed by Headteachers, PE professionals, Swindon Public Health, swindon Active Travel, WASP, Youth sports Trust, Swindon Sports forum and a number of providers of physical activity.