Too Hot To Handle - CAPT

Date: 3 Jul 2012

Too Hot To Handle - News from CAPT

Here’s a great idea: a DVD film, a set of cards to start up a discussion of the issues and flyers for each parent to take away. All re-usable and proven to be effective in changing behaviour.

Whether you need to sell-in a hot drinks policy at your setting, reduce hospital admissions as a result of accidental injury, or respond to parental concerns about child accident prevention, CAPT’s new DVD pack Too hot to handle will help you deliver.

The film covers three scenarios:

The discussion cards cover many more scenarios, including hair straighteners. 

The film is based on real incidents, with testimony from the parents of the injured children. For additional impact, it features a burns specialist, Dr Amber Young from Frenchay Hospital in Bristol talking about the reality of burns and scalds injuries on young children.

If you have a copy of our Fancy a cuppa?, this new pack is more up-to-date and covers additional scenarios. It is perfectly flexible, and can be delivered as one or three individual sessions. 

Check out a clip of the film, find out more and order online:

The full DVD resource pack costs just £36 plus P&P. 

Be prepared and save money by ordering replacement flyers* at the same time: DVD pack and 150 extra flyers (50 of each) for £63.70 including P&P.

Order today and make sure your families are aware of the risks.

Best wishes