Make School Meals Count!

  • Are the children in your schools eating well and ready to learn?
  • Is your catering service financially viable?   

Massively subsidised by Government as a key part of the School Food Plan, Make School Meals Count is a support programme to help you attract more children to have school meals.

We can help you attract more children to eat well by choosing school meals.

Swindon Borough Council is working with The Children's Food Trust to make school meals count.  Junior and secondary schools are eligible to take part in a DfE funded project to help increase school meal uptake. 

There are lots of good reasons for schools to take part as outlined below.

  • Vital for children

There’s a national obesity crisis and it’s affecting children.  Unless they learn to eat a balanced diet, their health and their lives are at risk. School meals give children the balanced nutrition they need to learn and grow well.  In fact, research shows that when children eat a school meal in a pleasant dining environment they can concentrate and learn better in the afternoon.

  •  Vital for the financial viability of your catering service

Did you know most school meals services are running at a loss? Economies of scale matter – higher demand means higher turnover and potential profit


  • We can help you boost turnover by attracting more children to choose school meals.

Make school meals count is a programme of support for junior, secondary, academy, and free schools, and pupil referral units.  It’s led by the Children’s Food Trust, with Food Dudes Health (for junior schools) and Elygra Marketing (for secondary schools).

To find out more about how your Junior or Secondary school can get involved, contact us -