No smoking policy

Since the 1st of July 2007 smoking in enclosed public places has been prohibited. However, it is still necessary for schools to have an implemented No Smoking policy because the whole of the school, including the playground and grounds, must be smoke-free under the Healthy Schools PSHE criteria. The only exception to this is the caretaker's house. The fact that the whole of the school is smoke-free gives children and young people a powerful message that smoking is harmful to health and is not socially acceptable, and encourages them not to start smoking.

These messages should be re-enforced through a range of tobacco and smoking educational approaches within every year group, to reduce and prevent the number of young people taking up smoking.

The school should also provide information and support to help smokers to quit.

This can include the provision of information about smoking cessation services locally.

The telephone number for Swindon's Smoking Cessation service is 0800 389 2229 or 01793 708751.