Blog 4 for 2020

Date: 28 Feb 2020


This weeks Blog.

Hope you had a relaxing break. If you managed to get away from the rain I hope you saw some blue skies and those who stayed at home enjoyed time with their loved ones.

Travel to and from abroad is the key topic of conversation at the moment, with concerns of corona virus. Although at the moment in the South West we are at very low risk of this virus. The government has introduced national preparation structures that enable us to review plans and processes to ensure Swindon is prepared, just in case. You may be aware that we have 13 confirmed cases in the UK, however, none of these are in Swindon or the South West. The advice from Public Health England (PHE) is, people should continue their normal activities. However, we do advise you follow good hand hygiene and standard infection control guidelines. The all year round advice is to “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” and particularly important this time of year when we are all more likely to catch a cold or flu-virus. If you need more guidance to inform pupils and parents, use this DFe guidance for further information.

Working collaboratively with parents is essential to improving attendance and attainment in schools. The healthy schools programme recognises the importance of this and we offer training to Primary teaching colleagues to support parents and families to build positive relationships. If you are interested in taking up this FREE offer of training 2-3 members of your staff, email:  at Jigsaw families who will be running the next session on March 9th 2020 at Oaktree Primary School.

Outspoken Sex Ed -  are also offering support and training to schools to engage parents on relationships, sex and health education. Recently they launched an online resource offering schools support and match-funded parental engagement workshops. Email or call Sophie Manning;  / 07795636950 at Outspoken Sex Ed who can provide further details.

Staying with the theme of relationships, and relationship guidance soon to become compulsory, the PSHE association are offering a guidance document for teachers on ‘unhealthy relationship behaviours’. The lessons are aimed at KS4 students and feature lessons on differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, effective communication, and the law on consent.

Another event to consider ! -  Swindon Safeguarding Partnership are also offering a ‘learning and sharing’ event on Thursday 23rd April 2020. This is a Free Multi-Agency event for all staff to attend and review changes since the new arrangements of the Safeguarding Partnership and the combining of the previous LSCB & LSAB boards. For further details visit their website.

To conclude today’s blog, can I remind you that if you need resources on any area of the curriculum don’t hesitate in contacting us!