The Healthy Schools Award         

Healthy Schools Plus has been replaced with the New Healthy Schools Award

Following the successful pilot of Healthy Schools Plus in Swindon we have taken it to the next level and linked our award system to meeting the Ofsted health and wellbeing needs.                                                                      

The new Swindon healthy schools award was introduced a few years ago to reward schools for meeting Local and Public Health needs, alongside the annual Healthy Schools baseline audit. The Three Tier Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold), takes a progressive approach and at each level recognising the additional measures schools have taken to:

  • Address and identify national and local health priorities 
  • Ensure health and wellbeing are key areas of school improvement
  • Prioritise the most disadvantaged children and young people
  • Support other schools by sharing practice 
  • Support staff wellbeing
  • Identify and tackle key priorities and meet the challenges set by Ofsted
  • Encourage close work with parents/carers and the wider community to bring about changes in health behaviours.

Please use the Bronze, Silver and Gold  tick list to check progress from each level  and assess your school against each criteria. The tick list is a guidance and reference for you in school. However when submitting for the awards, complete the online audit on the main website for the Bronze award and complete the appropriate documentation for either the Silver and Gold award.

Mental Health Award for schools

This award has been designed and launched  for Swindon Schools. 

Mental Health Award  - The mental health award has been designed to recognise the provisions schools have put in place to support young people and school staff and review areas they wish/plan to develop further.

The key concept of this award is to  improve and raise attainment across the school, the five focus areas include: whole school mental and emotional health, anti-bullying, targeted support, staff emotional wellbeing,  staff training and development needs.