Swindon's Mental Health Award

As part of the Children and Young Peoples Joint Strategic Needs Assessment we carried out a Swindon schools survey to explore staff confidence levels in supporting emotion and mental health of young people. The survey also included how external agencies supported schools and which agencies schools predominantly worked with.

The survey analysis helped us identify the gaps in school staff knowledge and the capacity in which they could support pupils with mental health problems. It provided us - (the Public Health Team) - an opportunity to offer schools support, resources and guidance in these areas.

Therefore to implement this support for all Swindon Schools and enable us to develop a bigger picture of Mental Health needs of young people across the town, we developed the Swindon Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Award. The award provides schools with a framework to assess and develop a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

All elements of  the award have been identified through review of best practice documents and guidance, including Department of Education, Public Health England and Ofsted.

The award is supported by Swindon Public Health, Swindon Healthy Schools and The Education Team at Swindon Borough Council, TAMHS and Swindon Mind, 

 The award is available for you to download.