Gaining and maintaining Healthy School Status in Swindon

To gain and maintain Healthy School Status, your school is asked to evidence, provisions and practice using our Annual Audit.

We have developed our Annual Audit to help you capture the essence of what it means to be a Healthy School. It is primarily intended as a tool for you to use to celebrate what’s working well and to identify areas where you might want to take some action.

Use of the Annual Audit in conjunction with your School Development Plan this will enable you to form the basis of an action plan to take forward. It will help complete the checklist to gain or maintain recognition as a Healthy School at Bronze level. 

Alongside the base bronze level annual audit, schools are encouraged to take part in our three tier award system, which encourages progressive development. Schools are encouraged to undertake specific, focussed work addressing, either their school, Public Health and local need to support wellbeing. Evidence and impact of the intervention to deliver change is shared at both whole school and targeted level. 

Swindon's Public Health team can support you through the entire process, by giving you help to go through the audit and by helping you to identify effective ways to implementing your action plan. We can support your Silver and Gold projects, by identifying a local or school need, using school data to show improvement and impact. We can also signpost to resources, tools and ideas for effective intervention, evaluation and sustainability.