Swindon Mayor speaks with students about their future

Swindon MP officials endorse support for students

Inspirational talks from successful students

NHS support to raise aspirations.

Alleviating anxiety and fears of moving schools

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire service inspire and advice

Wiltshire police talk careers and staying safe.

21 awards presented at the 2019 Schools Celebration event

10 schools achieved Mental Health award

Bronze Early Years Awards

The first Early Years Silver Award

Mental Health Awards

Congratulations - HS Gold Award third year running!

Special Award - Smoke Free School Gates ! 

Swindon Children get ready for Disney Shake up !

Growing, cooking and healthier lifestyles

Welcome to Swindon Healthy Schools

This is a FREE Public Health funded programme offered to all Swindon Schools !

An amazing 96% of Swindon Schools have registered on-line to maintain their Healthy Schools Status!

85% of Swindon schools are actively engaged in the programme -  they have either achieved the healthy schools status or are in the process of completing it.

Swindon Healthy Schools is committed to supporting all local schools by providing the best health related education, promoting good health choices and recommending resources, support and training to enhance the Personal Social Health Education (PSHE), Curriculum. We aim to ensure schools to meet the needs of the new OFSTED Health and well being of young children's framework.

In Swindon we try to provide a personalised approach to each schools health and wellbeing need. We ensure schools are supported in line with locally and nationally identified health priorities.

To engage with our programme and to receive this support please get in touch - swindonhealthyschools@swindon.gov.uk!


Cohort 4 - Senior Mental Health Leads Training

21st November 2022
Following the success and popular demand of the previous three Senior Mental Health Leads training sessions, we are now offering a fourth training date:  Session 1 – Full Day – Wednesday...

Covid Kids - Raising Aspirations!

11th June 2022
What a great and unique opportunity for Swindon's Young People. Covid has had an impact on emotional and mental wellbeing of young people. We carried out a survey earlier in the year and learnt that...

School Nutrition and Activity Programme in Swindon (SNAPS)

16th May 2022
A pilot programme for specific and targeted schools - comes to Swindon! The Schools Nutrition and Activity Programme in Swindon (SNAPS) is focused on activities that promote healthy living. This will...

Senior Mental Health Leads Network Meeting

29th March 2022
Reminder! The second of the Senior Mental Health Leads network meeting will take place tomorrow - Wednesday 30th March - 3.30pm -5pm. Invite and joining link has now been sent to all invited. Please...

Talking to Children about the War in Ukraine

4th March 2022
Talking to children about the war in Ukraine PSHE education can help pupils to make sense of the world around them. While PSHE may not often focus on actual news stories, it does aim to develop pupils’...

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