21 awards presented at the 2019 Schools Celebration event

10 schools achieved Mental Health award

Oaktree Primary School choir open the celebration event

Early Years Award presented to Vorda Pre School

Early Years Award presented to Oaktree Pre School

Early Years Award presented to Happy Days Pre School

Moredon Primary achieve the first Early Years Silver Award

10 Swindon Schools achieve the Mental Health Award

Young people's Mental Health is important to Swindon Schools

Congratulations Abbeymeads Primary for their first Healthy schools Silver Award

Lethbridge, Wanborough and Holy Family Catholic Primary Schools Renew their Silver Healthy Schools awards

4 schools achieve HS Silver Awards this year

Well done Even Swindon Primary for achieving their first Gold Award

Big Congratulations to Westlea Primary for the third year running

Special Smoke Free School Gate award for Lawn Manor Academy and Abbey Park School

Swindon Children get ready for Disney Shake up !

Extending and strengthening healthy schools work

Helping schools to achieve two hours of high quality physical activity for all pupils

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Growing, cooking and healthier lifestyles

The foundation of a successful, achieving and improving school

Welcome to Swindon Healthy Schools

This is a FREE programme offered to all Swindon Schools !

An amazing 96% of Swindon Schools have registered on-line to maintain their Healthy Schools Status!

85% of Swindon schools are actively engaged in the programme -  they have either achieved the healthy schools status or are in the process of completing it.

Swindon Healthy School is committed to supporting all local schools by providing the best health related education, promoting good health choices and recommending resources to enhance the PSHE programme and meeting the needs of the new OFSTED Health and well being of young children's framework.

In Swindon we aim to provide personalised approach to each schools health and wellbeing need . We ensure schools are supported in line with locally and nationally identified health priorities.

To engage with our programme and to receive this support please get in touch!


Our latest blog to help deliver the most important subject to support young people's wellbeing - PSHE! #PSHEmattershttps://t.co/Gd0vKEm1sD

11:28 13th October

What Swindon is doing to play it's part in the fight against climate change. https://t.co/3IkPN9KFUr https://t.co/r4B6vnxYED

04:33 22nd July

New research for @unseenuk points to a lack of awareness of #CountyLines #exploitation in the UK. How much do you k… https://t.co/sQonT8Hlsw

11:45 30th June

RT @DrBradJohnson: Teachers if you don’t take time to refuel, recharge, and refill this summer then you will be running on fumes too quickl…

04:44 16th June

RT @AFNCCF: At certain times, nursery & other early years workers may find themselves working alongside children who have been affected by…

04:39 16th June

Senior Mental Health Leads Training Session 2

8th December 2021
  BSW - Senior Mental Health Lead Training Session2 Thursday 20th January 2022, 9am-5pm and Thursday 23rd June 2022, 9am-12:30pm This page is for delegates attending the training...

Senior Mental Health Leads Training

11th November 2021
BSW - Senior Mental Health Lead Training Session1 - Wednesday 10th November 2021, 9am-5pm Follow up Session 2 - Wednesday 23rd March 2022, 9am-12:30pm Delegate materials This page is for delegates...

Half way through Term 1 of 2021

12th October 2021
Half way through Term 1 of 2021 We hope the start of this academic year has been easier than the last 18 months and you are experiencing more stability in the classroom. Covid has not gone away, but we...

DFE - Senior Mental Health Leads Training

10th September 2021
Senior Mental Health Leads Training These courses are available to schools in the CCG area of Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire.  B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire Councils...

Be the Change!

22nd July 2021
    Be the Change: what we’re doing to play our part in the fight against climate change People and organisations across Swindon and all...

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