PSHE Tips and Resources

Resources for supporting pupils around the Middle East conflict

SBC has purchased access to a large PSHE resource library for all schools in Swindon. To sign up follow the link: Chameleon PDE will then create your subscription which will run until the end of July 2024. 

Many primary schools in Swindon access Jigsaw's PHSE resources

Further resources in addition to those listed below, can be found around specific themes (e.g. RSHE) via the menu on the left hand side. 

PSHE Programme of Study KS1 - KS5  - PSHE Association

PSHE Education Planning Framework for SEND

Parents' Guide to Black Lives Matter - Resources, Activities, and Tips for Families to empower children to work towards racial equality

BBC Black History Month Resources (can be used at any time of the year). 

Discussion Framework to use in the event of a terrorist attack for Key stage 3 & 4. When terrorist attacks occur, young people may wish to talk about them and the context for this discussion may be in PSHE education lessons.

Talking to Children about the war in Ukraine