Oral Health Resources for Schools

A healthy mouth is a vital part of a healthy body. Having a healthy mouth allows us to speak, smile, kiss, taste, chew, swallow and cry.

Dental health is worse in Swindon than England. 29% of 5 year olds have experience of dental decay (OHID Child Health Profile, 2023).

It is evident that children with an unhealthy mouth, have reduced school readiness, school absence, pain, an embarrassment to smile, difficulty eating, socialising, problems speaking and reduced growth (LGA, 2016)

Some key reminders for children to improve oral health:

  • Brush teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Don't rinse out the mouth after brushing.
  • Limit sugar intake.
  • have a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food - (eating healthy food is good for the whole body, including teeth, gums and mouth)

Lesson pack on oral health for secondary schools (University of Sheffield, 2023)
This can be downloaded via the PSHE Association website: BRIGHT dental health lesson pack (pshe-association.org.uk)

Better Health - Keeping Your Teeth Healthy:

KS1 - Lesson Pack

KS2 -Lesson Pack


Happy Smiles Programme Resources

Download the resources here:

Series 1 - This has been developed for years1 & 2 and can be used to start discussions using the picture content only.

Series 2 - this is for years 3 & 4

Series 3 - this is for years 5 & 6

Colouring Sheets - These can be used in the foundation years and are appropriate to use with the many oral health story books available for this age group.

Certificate - Schools can award pupils a certificate for participating in the oral health activities.