Personal, Social & Health Education

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This covers Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), including sex and relationship education and drug education (including alcohol, tobacco and volatile substance abuse).

PSHE provides pupils with the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their lives. A key aim of Healthy Schools work is to challenge you to go much further in extending and strengthening PSHE.

The  PSHE Association was formed to raise the status, quality and impact of PSHE, and to provide help and support to teachers and other PSHE professionals.There are numerous PSHE resources available to schools now, in Swindon most schools still use PSHE Association resources, Chameleon PDE or the Jigsaw programme.

Swindon's PSHE Network Group

The Healthy Schools programme supports all Swindon schools with developing and finding the appropriate resources to suit the need of each school.

All schools are invited to join the PSHE network group to share best practice and work collaboratively across the town. Information about this is on our network meetings and events page

If your school is not part of this network group, please contact us to join and/or to receive further information.

Further PSHE Resources

View the resources area of this website for tips, guidance and resources to support you in your delivery of PSHE.