Gaining the Pupil Voice is an essential component to a whole school approach to Healthy Schools. The following resources may be helpful in supporting you to do this in your school. 

Pupil voice : Mentally Healthy Schools

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The results to the 2023-2024 How Are You? pupils’ voice survey for Year 8 and Year 10 pupils in Swindon have been published and are available to view at on the surveys page of the JSNA website. 

Thanks to all of you who supported pupils to complete the survey. 

The survey is carried out in Swindon’s secondary schools to learn about the changing behaviours of young people as they get older. The analysis of the survey helps Swindon’s public health team to provide a personalised approach to the support required by our schools, so that schools can provide an effective and meaningful PSHE curriculum and to inform their whole school approach to wellbeing. The findings include data on social norms; offering an insight into what pupils believe to be the risk behaviours of their peers, versus the reality. These data can be a powerful tool when engaging with young people in order to correct misperceptions of perceived norms.

This year, the results include gender and ethnicity comparisons, providing a helpful insight around inequalities on several issues including mental health and wellbeing, drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping and other risk taking behaviours.


The following powerpoint slides can be used in your PSHE lessons to feed back to pupils about actual risk taking behaviour and perceptions data in Swindon. E.g. the proportion of pupils reporting that they vape in relation to how many of their peers they believe to vape. You can either show the pupils these slides all at once, or pull out the relevant slides for certain topics. If you would like this in PPT version rather than PDF, please contact us

Year 8

Year 10