Staff Wellbeing

Staff Wellbeing is always important, but it is more so during this period of the Covid 19 outbreak.  The pandemic has caused an enormous change all over the world and it is natural if we go through varying and changing emotions.

To help you and your staff,  we have introduced this page to provide a range of resources and ideas for your school community so you can support and encourage positive health and wellbeing, at this particular time.

The free and official links below can support, assess and highlight wellbeing:

Kooth - Top 5 De-Stress tips for Teachers

Kooth - How to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Anna Freud – Supporting Staff Wellbeing

Mental Health First Aid Training

NHS – 5 Steps to wellbeing

Connect 5

Public Health England An easy-read guide to looking after your feelings and your body

DFE guidance on How to look after your Mental Health

Teaching Staff and Social Media

We are also working closely with Swindon Education Psychologists to develop a document which supports a 'Positive return to School', for everyone, but until then, this simple guidance can help with alleviating anxieties for some staff.

To support school leaders provide the best services and support  for their staff, we carried out a staff wellbeing survey, here are the results for Swindon: School Staff Well being Survey

Promoting Positive Transition

Swindon Education Psychologists produced a document 'Promoting Positive Transition before and after the Pandemic' to help schools alleviate anxiety and stress for both staff and students. This document has been sent to all schools.

We held live webinars prior to schools closing for the summer, using this presentation which allowed schools the opportunity to prepare for when they return in September. Please feel free to contact us if you want further advice or information.

We believe it is important your wellbeing is at its best before you help your students, so please take the time to use self help strategies.