Case studies

When we visit schools we are keen to encourage the sharing of healthy schools activity. We would like you to share work that you are doing, are proud of, or think others would be interested in.

This is not about shiny perfect practice neither is it about setting some schools up above others. Rather it is about creating synergy by allowing schools to benefit from not having to start from scratch every time. It is also about allowing the innovative ideas of some to spark others into doing further exciting and effective work.

Over the last three years we have been working collaboratively with the PSHE leads and together they have produced and shared excellent resources to use in the classroom. Schools who have achieved Healthy Schools Silver and Gold awards have worked and supported colleagues in neighbouring schools to encourage best practice. The Swindon Healthy Schools programme is an inclusive, universal programme which aims to encourage and achieve the best health and well being practice for all in the town.

If you have stories, studies or practice taking place in your school that you would like to share, contact us

The photos on the front page of this website are an example of how we celebrate and recognise your hard work and commitment to providing best opportunities for young people of Swindon.