Free financial workshops for secondary school pupils

Date: 1 Apr 2024

Words that Count is a FREE new programme designed for young people aged 11 to 14 who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion in mainstream and alternative provision settings in England and Scotland. This fully resourced programme aims to unpick the financial terms and concepts that have many young people stumped so that they feel empowered to make good financial decisions and can build financial resilience. 

Literacy skills are essential in helping young people unlock their financial resilience. Including financial education in literacy lessons throughout a young person’s education can be highly effective. In 2019,  a report exploring the association between literacy and financial capability identified that:

How it works

Words that Count is a 10-session programme that aims to give students the tools to make more informed choices about their current and future finances. Content will support leaders to differentiate, acknowledging the wide range of abilities often found in these settings. Online training will be provided for all teachers, teaching assistants or librarians taking part in the delivery of the programme.  If the right volunteer is available, The Literacy Trust can consider training them to deliver the sessions.  For more information, contact