Staff Wellbeing

This page provides a range of resources and ideas for your school community so you can support and encourage positive health and wellbeing.


Practical toolkit for school leaders

Education Support has developed a toolkit, in partnership with National Association of Head Teachers, to help school leaders implement healthy habits for supporting their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their staff during stressful times such as inspections. 

Please download the toolkit for practical exercises, tools and tips.

The links below can support, assess and highlight wellbeing:

Kooth - Top 5 De-Stress tips for Teachers

Kooth - How to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Anna Freud – Supporting Staff Wellbeing toolkit

Mental Health First Aid Training

NHS – 5 Steps to wellbeing

Connect 5

DFE guidance on How to look after your Mental Health

Teaching Staff and Social Media

To support school leaders provide the best services and support  for their staff, we carried out a staff wellbeing survey in 2020, here are the results for Swindon: School Staff Well being Survey