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Schools Excellence and Achievment Awards:

Hs Silver Award


We have recently celebrated School Excellence and Achievement awards. Schools were praised and recognised for their excellence in raising achievment. Individual teachers were recognised for their outstanding commitment and dedication to the profession.

Two of our Primary schools were recognised and awarded for being the first schools in Swindon to have achieved the Silver HS award. Westlea Primary are one out of the11 schools in England to be awarded the Gold award for FFLP. Their commitment to this programme has helped raise pupil attendance, attainment and encourages positive attitude to eating healthy. 

Holy Family Catholic Primary decided to focus on the sugar swaps project to reduce intake of sugar and sugary snacks. The young people at Holy Family have positively embraced this and have demonstrated a considerable reduction in their intake. More and more lunch boxes are now containing yogurt pots, pieces of fruit, vegetable sticks instead of fruit winders, chocolate bars and chewy sweets.

They have a seen a change in shape of individuals, children are keen to be more active and they are noticing more focus in the classroom.

Congratulations and well done to Swindons first Silver Healthy Schools

Westlea Silver HS Award