Blog 2 of 2020

Date: 29 Jan 2020


Blog 2 of 2020

Here we are almost at the end of the first month of 2020, with that in mind, the end is in sight for those who have just done dry January. A BIG well done to you!

We all make promises at the beginning of a new year for positive and heathy choices, this year Change4Life’s annual campaign is here to support you, your pupils and parents. The campaign aims to raise awareness of how much sugar, salt and unsaturated fats are in food and drink products. They have introduced an app as part of its ‘Be Food Smart’ campaign to raise awareness of the health problems linked to eating too much sugar, salt and saturated fats. The app allows people to scan barcodes on food and drink products to see how much sugar, salt and saturated fat each contains. The app also provides hints and tips on healthy eating and activities for children and families and urges consumers to be food smart and take control of their diets.

This is part of a PHE campaign that was launched earlier this month on TV, digital and through outdoor, comes as a direct response to recent PHE findings. The findings highlight how children eat half of their sugar allowance at breakfast and have consumed three times the healthy limit by the end of the day. Use the link below to learn more and implement this support in your school

Diet and nutrition are not the only things which help improve our life, poor air quality is damaging to our health too and particularly affects children. We can all contribute to taking positive action to improve air quality. Many of these actions also protect against climate change and improve our overall health and wellbeing.

The Cleaner Air, Cleaner World: Schools Toolkit 2020 is a free resource for primary schools in Swindon. It contains more information on why air quality is important, alongside lesson plans, experiments, assembly plans and a raft of ideas for how your school can be part of the work to improve air quality in Swindon. Work done using the Toolkit can contribute to your Healthy Schools awards scheme, and the Modeshift Stars national scheme.

Clean Air Day (18th June 2020) is a chance to celebrate the positive work your school is doing, and focus on the environment. We include links and resources for activities you can plan for your school around Clean Air Day.

As part of the Cleaner Air, Cleaner World Toolkit launch, Public Health are offering the first ten schools an opportunity to apply for funding to produce a banner and two outdoor posters to display outside their school. This is intended to be part of a school competition for children to design their own banners and posters, promoting active travel to school or reducing idling.

Please get in touch if you need further information or have any questions about the toolkit, and don’t forget to apply for your certificate.

Another opportunity to attend free training;

“HarmLESS Training on April 27th, 2- 4pm at the Meadow- closed to school staff only, maximum of 2 per school.

The Harmless is a tool, developed by Oxford Health (CAMHS), is a resource for those who have contact with young people who are self-harming.