Blog 3

Date: 25 Nov 2019

HS Blog 3

Start of a new week and another week closer to the ‘C’ word, which means it’s nearly holiday season again!

However before you get there, a number of things that need to be completed. Like getting the Year 11’s prepared for their mocks. Have you got the right strategies in place to support them? Last year’s, Year 11 ‘How are U?’ survey revealed that only 49% of the students felt they were fully prepared to face their exams.

We know young people find it difficult to organise themselves, especially for exams, they struggle and become anxious and this then becomes stressful and pressurising. We need to support them and prepare them. Here’s a little DFE guidance you may want to use across the school during exam season. You may also want to look at the Swindon Mental Health Award to see what you are doing well to support young people's mental health in the schools and how else we can support you.

The survey also revealed that about 50% of young people felt PSHE was effectively delivered in schools. Research shows that a strong PSHE curriculum leads to positive emotional wellbeing, which in return helps in raising attainment. Therefore a commitment from schools makes a difference, the commitment of schools to improve their RSE and PSHE.

Diet and nutrition is also key to wellbeing and has a big impact on learning. We have recently discovered a new resource which can help you with teaching this work. It’s called the ‘Eat Like A Champ (ELAC) programme’. It is a free healthy eating programme aimed at  primary school children aged 9-10 years, across the UK. It is also evidence based. The programme comprises of six comprehensive lesson plans, which are engaging and supporting resources. The resources have been written in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation. Teachers can sign up for  FREE to get access to the digital toolkit by visiting,

Furthermore to keep you trained and abreast of all that’s new on offer from the PSHE association, take a look at the training sessions they have on offer.