School will be out for Summer !

Date: 17 Jul 2020

This weeks second blog.

School will be out for summer!

Although this has been a very strange school year for all of us, it is time to finally relax and enjoy your well-earned summer break. Yes, it is a well-earned break because in one way or another you have been contributing to keeping those young people entertained and learning at home as well as managing your own anxieties. So over the next few weeks, take time to relax and recharge your batteries, make time to focus on you, reconnect with family and friends, travel and take notice of the wonderful views surrounding you, wherever you may be. Make sure you come back to the new academic year feeling rested, energized, full of inspiration and excited to teach again. Here are a few tips you may want to consider.

We also want your students to stay happy and healthy, we know that some of them will be spending more time online and get limited fresh air or exercise. Here are a few tips to pass on to them and their parents.

1.       Let’s start with making sure they keep them safe on line. The Wiltshire Police newsletter has good ideas and suggestions on how to stay safe online too.

2.       They need to eat healthily, Change4Life tips on eating healthier snacks, can encourage families to prepare them together and it’s a cheaper way of giving kids regular snacks.

3.       Getting out and doing exercise, we all know is a great way to keep fit and maintain a healthy weight.

4.       To prevent a learning dip over the summer, you may want to share with parents a few ideas like, it’s important children have a daily routine, they have something to read, they are encouraged to be independent and the older ones can start preparing for exams.

Here is some further guidance for families  for the summer holidays.

Finally before closing this blog, it’s important to share with you that we will be continuing to add new articles and resources to the Healthy schools website throughout the summer, which will support you with the new RSHE curriculum and keep the young people of Swindon safe and healthy. Talking of safe and healthy, take the How Are You? Quiz and see how you could improve your wellbeing.