School Nutrition and Activity Project in Swindon (SNAPS)

The Schools Nutrition and Activity Programme in Swindon (SNAPS) is focused on activities that promote healthy living. This pilot programme is currently targeting primary schools.

The aim is to support pupils to maintain a healthy weight and improve health and wellbeing. The project does not focus on obesity, as this is emotive for many parents. 

The programme involves assessing the whole school environment, and implementing programmes to reduce sugar intake and increase physical activity in pupils, staff and parents. 

Growing healthily and maintaining a healthy weight are important not only for a child’s physical, social and mental wellbeing but also for their capacity to do well at school.[1],[2]

[1]  Public Health England. The link between pupil health and wellbeing and attainment. 2014.

2 University of London. Childhood obesity and educational attainment: A systematic review. 2011.

Programme activities

These can take up to 1 year to fully implement

A schools champion will be identified with each participating school, to support the implementation of this programme.   An implementation group will be set up to plan and implement the SNAPS programme, which should include schools staff, pupil and parental representation.

Programmes to implement

There needs to be links to parents and pupils to support lifestyle changes at home e.g. Sugar Smart, active travel, keeping active.

Public Health Practitioners will organise the evaluation with targeted schools.

Overview of evaluation

  • Baseline and follow up assessments each term to provide process evaluation on implementing SNAPS.
  • Measurement of changes in sugar intake in pupils each term.
  • National Child Measurement Programme annual data, to show if there are any changes in excess weight at school level.
  • Physical activity and wellbeing information, through a boosted children’s Active Lives survey. This is carried out three times/year and Wiltshire and Swindon Sport Partnership can select our target schools as part of this evaluation. As this is a national survey, we can make comparisons to other areas.

Further information and outcomes will be shared with schools once the pilot work is complete.

Downloadable resources

The following resources can be downloaded for use in implementing SNAPS and are password protected for our pilot schools. 

School survey